Bad boys go to heaven, Good boys go to Wall Street / with Tomek

Nov 27 at 7 PM

bad boys good boys.jpg

Bad boys go to heaven, Good boys go to Wall Street

selected videos by Mikołaj Sobczak and Nicholas Grafia + talk + dinner
curated by Tomek Pawłowski.

We cordially invite you for a culinary-film Mish Mash. What’s on the menu?

9 men in wigs, hours of street demonstrations, 1 big pickled cabbage, bottles of red wine, a pinch of glitter, a bundle of “Bold & Beautiful” episodes, the occupation of a Natural History Museum, 1 Korean oracle, secret tapes, Polish Erotica, notes on populism, just to name a few.

👱‍♀️TOMEK PAWŁOWSKI an events and meetings producer and curator. He is a participant in the curatorial program at Swimming Pool, Sofia. Curator of numerous exhibitions, performances and projects in collaboration with artists from young generations, groups, independent galleries and institutions in Poland. He uses collective practices, critical entertainment and politics of friendship as his frame. Last year he co-curated (along with Romuald Demidenko and Aurelia Nowak) The Open Triennial: the 8th Young Triennial at the Center for Polish Sculpture in Orońsko. Together with Rafał Żarski he co-established a quasi-company entitled the Museum Travel Agency. He currently resides in Poznań.

About artists:

👩‍🎨MIKOŁAJ SOBCZAK is a graduate from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts and the Studio of Spatial Activities. He is a recent scholarship recipient from Universität der Künste in Berlin. Since 2015 he has studied at the Münster Kunstakademie. He works with video art, painting and performance. Often creating and performing with German artist Nicholas Grafia. Sobczak also the co-founded the duo Polen Performance alongside Justina Los. His work navigates the reflection of global mechanisms of consumption and aspirational lifestyles formulating from late capitalism. Moreover, in his works, Sobczak observes how politics, particularly the historical, impacts the fate of marginalised social groups and creates complex and varying levels of exclusion.

👸NICHOLAS GRAFIA a student at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf; works in painting, performance and video, in order to discuss and explore the construction of gender roles, hegemonic masculinities, and their shifting definitions in various cultural contexts. He focuses on marginalised subjects endure a process of “othering” in their societal categorisation. Frequently working with fellow artists such as Mikołaj Sobczak and Catherina Cramer, he seeks to examine, destabilize and offer alternatives to existing structures of identity formation, social conventions, and body politics, in Western society at large.