Before & After/ Trans Healing Method by Antonia Pashova Tochka

December 7 - December 14

We are thrilled to bring to you a project by Antonia Pashova,
that will evolve in 3 stages

*Trans Healing Method
Project by Antonia Pashova TOCHKA
~Opening ceremony ~7/12/18 18:00h.~
~Closing ceremony ~14/12/18 18:00h.~

The Trans Healing Method

The project uses the material and its emotional informationaccumulated in itself to prove the possibility of moral and energy transformation of the same clothes/piece.The author uses the factual facts of the true human stories sealed in the personal clothes of the wardrobes of all participants in the project."Trying with enough wardrobes and human stories, shows that this human trauma, which for each of us is overwhelming, has been hidden in a garment we have never dressed for or for many years.I urge everyone who wants to join this project to look for one of her clothes, which has been out of use for years, and at the same time shared the memory associated with this garment. Let it put it in a box and describe a story with two sentences, close the box, bring it or send it to:Ul.Knyaz Boris 1, nmb.39Æther art space Sofia+359894518511


Anonymity is a personal choice. We will keep everyone anonymous in this secret sharing. "The opening of the boxes will take place publicly in the place that focuses on the project, namely the independent artistic space for contemporary art and culture "Ethereal". The date of this invitation is 07.12.2018 from 18 hours in the space of the gallery, where, along with the opening of the boxes of stories, you will have the opportunity to explore and try real transformed power clothing that includes embroidered stories, embroidery, embroidery, transformations and repetitive emotional mantras.


We invite you to discover on the day that coincides with New Moon to turn our attention to a theme dedicated to our personal transformation and a new beginning. Every piece of clothing you give to the author is your personal story, which has the potential to be transformed and healed visibly. The author undertakes to personally process this information and to make the change publicly in the space of the Æther Art Space, seven days in a row after the New Moon began.


On December 14, 2018 at 6 pm, you will have the opportunity to see the results of this one-week adventure that will contain a new materialisation of the transformed clothes-stories. The healed clothes will develop aesthetically based on their personal history. The clothes will change to a lack of recognizability to reach a modernity and sense of collection.


About the Author:Antonia Pashova, 37, known as Tochka, has been a designer who has been working in the field of Sustainable Fashion for more than 15 years. Her torture directions have turned to fashion design as a material expression of emotional states that find an image in the collections she has been developing since the beginning of 2003. This is the beginning of her encounter with the possibilities and the culture of recycling as a unique method of creating extraordinary clothesDuring the years of her development as a designer, Antonia assimilated the principles of transformation into design and finishing in models as a basic model for the good model.Later, the author began to construct, transform and sculpt his model while meeting his new opportunity to change by touch. Through her hands she begins to exchange energy with people and deals with the transformation of personal wardrobes.In this way, Antonia discovers that clothes are conductors through which emotions can be moved and sealed.The idea of ​​the Trance Healing Collection project starts from the privacy and wardrobe area when Antonia looks at her clothes that she has been avoiding for more than ten years."The question I ask is about the truth about the final memory in the garment. There is the moment of repulsion from this garment. It's a repulsion of yourself. The first thing we can do with such a garment is to take it out of the wardrobe and make it possible for it to change. "Antonia gets acquainted with old Bulgarian embroidery.In them, many generations of women have enforced their intentions towards life and the future.In them they seal their intentions of home, happiness, unity, durability, strength, loyalty, harmony, infinity, rhythm, love, fertility, abundance, health, longevity. These topics are our identity as a nation.These are the positive elements of the value system of the Bulgarian people, which have been preserved in the matter of Bulgarian embroidery and traditional textiles.Using a free mix of technical techniques acquired from the history of handicrafts, the author reaches modern silhouettes that contain both emotional and material strength.Special thanks to Slavinia Katzarska for the incredible image in the