Past-Present Utopian dream for nu(un)clear future 

19/09 - 29/09/18

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Æther is glad to bring to your attention a solo project "Past-Present - Utopian dream for nu(un)clear future" by the Dutch based, Bulgarian born - Michaela Lakova.

Michaela is showing a body of works related to the past and future of nuclear energy. Michaela’s works artistically investigate issues relevant to history in a place where the reminiscent of nuclear energy, human activity and memories of the biggest nuclear disaster is still very present (Chernobyl site) and in parallel in the small Danube town Belene where the desire of developing nuclear energy still remains strong and present.

What is the future of the Belene Nuclear Power Plant project? The promise of a second nuclear power plant to cheaper the nuclear power, provide an export and economic prosperity to the region or is just another corruption deal? Belene NPP is rather multi-layered political game, which involves foreign interests and influence. It is proven to be non-economic and non-environmentally friendly project the nuclear station Belene costed billions of euros worth of construction and equipment - a project frozen in time. 

Michaela Lakova tries to raise awareness and critical discourse which has repeatedly appeared and disappeared in the public sphere.
More about Belene NPP:
Belene was originally started in the 1980s, but was abandoned in the early 1990s due to lack of funds. In 2005, to make up for the European Commission's decision to close Bulgaria's Kozluduy NPP reactors 1-4, the Bulgarian government approved the construction of a new 2000 MWe plant at Belene. Due to uncertain investment return in 2013 officially the Bulgarian government announced that it would freeze indefinitely the planned construction of the Belene nuclear power plant. However in 2018 the Bulgarian government restarted the project Belene NPP seeking for potential international investments. The decision has to be made at the end of October.

About the artist →
Michaela Lakova (b. 1987 Sofia, Bulgaria) is Rotterdam based artist and researcher working in the framework of memory and erasure. Her work encompasses video and multimedia installations.