Punks, poets, peasants by Alex Dabi Zhevi - 03.02.18

Æther is delighted to invite you for a new series of events "Meet the artist". One night event where we can see work, greet and meet the invited artist in more intimate environment.
The first ecounter for year, is the Australian born with Bulgarian descent parents Artist/Photographer/Publisher

Alex Dabi Zhevi
Aлекс Даби 3еви
Визуален артист (Австралия-България)

Alex maps the habits, slang, sex and politics of people. 

Eschewing the typical approach of publishing easy-to-swallow stories, instead, he uses photography, documentary and publishing to expose bias in social and cultural conventions. This narrative and analytical approach create new maps where the viewer, subject, and artist can inhabit together. 

Alex was an artist-in-residency at World of Co, Sofia. Additional aims for his time in Sofia were investigations into the linguistic heritage and cultural values of young Slavs and their relationships to identity, diaspora and generational change.