Lola Göller, 12 Lullabies to sedate Assholes 

Thu. 26 September 2019, 19:00-23:00

Fri.   27 September 2019, 19:00-23:00, Part of Hoogtij#58


Æther Haga has the pleasure to invite you to an installation by the Berlin based artist Lola Göller, entitled:
12 Lullabies To Sedate Assholes.
The installation was shown in July in Sofia, in the context of Sofia Art Week, 'Great, But Late', organized by Æther Sofia.
By presenting Lola's work at Æther Haga, we are hoping to transfer some dematerialized information and data about what happened at the East end at the art week and expand the reflective parallel.

12 Lullabies to sedate assholes

At once a singular notepad of sorts where the question of a way to pull people into some kind of new awakening is problematized.

The installation 12 lullabies is a dialectic experience between form and sensitivity.
It examines and brings to materiality memories, conceived on sensory magnitude.
The biological yearly calendar of 12 months objects, are hanging and poised at time in visual limbo-state of stasis. Re-formed, configured and processed by the artists own ability to envelop personal experiences in physical space, offers more than just a “what meets the eye”. The subconscious reviles in slow pace, when in un known to the viewer patterns and time the sculpted thoughts begin to sing, talk, whisper to you-as if a distant ghost is trapped in the room in repetitive loop of cycles.
The polyphony at times synchronizes and new compositions appear. Nothing remains immutable, the room oscillates its capacity to host sound, that in this disposition unavoidably becomes concrete.
Will sedating remain a temporary solution to deal with unsorted emotions, or will the masters and monsters wake up and cry for more? Whether the border between what one self allows when relating to the Other, or what means to cross it and redefine the construct of the personal/inner space, what do we recognize of each other when rejection is at stake, and what is left from the bursted bubble of a fast lived dream?
Some people need to shut the fuck up sometimes- including ourselves -says the artist.

Website Lola Göller:

Opening reception-
Thursday-26 Sept. from 19h.
Friday 27 Sept. from 19-23h. as part of Hoogtijt #58

Address: Denneweg 26, Den Haag
In "het Lissabon hof", just behind "HEDEN".