The creation of illusions by Homs Arthaus

Opening 13/10/2018 18:30H.
Show time- 13-21/10/18



It is a pleasure to bring to you a visual and sensory experience in the world of art and fashion- a menswear collection preview and installation by Homs Arthaus- 2019 THE CREATION OF ILLUSIONS launch !

The label is a joint initiative by the Brazilian born artist and designer Sophia Dias and Frederik Vincent (Denmark).
Currently they both live between Sofia and Berlin.

The event will propose an experience inviting its audience to take part in the installation and ambient. Materializing a thought, a feeling, embodying a layer of each personal identity to space and to others. Proposing self-awareness and integration.

At the event you will be able to:

Meet the designer.
Experience the Homs Arthaus universe.
Pre-order bespoke pieces from the new collection.
We invite you to come, enjoy good music, fresh drinks and take part of the exhibition. 

***Thanks to our amazing sponsor White Stork Brewery - Пивоварна Бял Щърк !!!***


Submerging into someone else history, culture and memories and create a dimensional atmosphere where this reality would be writing again with a different language, a different meaning a different symphony, is to create a new landscape where possibilities of exploration and the possibilities of understanding are ideologically equal and infinite.

But what can you learn from somebody else life and existence? What is actually relevant of his understanding of all creations around him, tradition, history, memory, pain, love, life reading though his eyes, and why all this is so relevant?

Can we connect all those feelings in one?
Can we rewrite the histories and discover that they were all the same?
How much are we really different? How much our identity is not actually connected?
Is our history so different?
The phenomenon of life is unexplainable as much as our physical and psychological as humans.
Our own existence is a simple approval that comes from others. If you make a question and no one answer, it is questionable if no one listened, it is questionable if you said it loud enough, it is questionable if there was someone who listened and ignored, it is questionable if you actually made the question in first place, and also it start to be questionable if you are actually at the space being present, and everything was simply just an illusion.
Illusions and reality embrace each other at all times, they are our interpretation to the world , to others, to feelings and to ourselves. Creating landscapes where both worlds submerge into what we call physical space, it is a unpretentious way of exposing raw, as a poetry, as a experiment, as life.

For more:

Bio of the collective members and the brand:

Homs Arthaus Ideology
Homs Arthaus is independent, artistic and sustainable entity.
Overall the aims are simple: to shorten distance between people and what they really like to see, to interpret, to live and to learn. We fully integrate the idea of art, living and happiness, the simplicity of seeing the different side of experiences, and learning with knowledge and respect.
They do not want to sell products with no value and careless about the environmental issues.
The importance of making all these issues is creating a different brand that respect and admire craftsmanship. To develop a new thinking about the importance of being practical and simple, but also to deeply understand and liberate independently the identity to every single owner. That every creation becomes a truthful communication between thoughts and self expression.

How we started:
After a 3 month travel in Brazil, a dream had manifested itself on the two designers minds. To start a menswear fashion label, to be the vehicle of change and provocations through art and design. 

Working, Living & Traveling
With the first collection Transmutation, the designers wanted to promote our work while traveling. Therefore they came up with the idea of transforming an old German fire truck into a redesigned studio and workplace, suitable for living and traveling at the same time. The project came together with a few months of hard work, and soon they were on the road, from South Germany to London, heading for their first PopUp at one of their favourite places, pop Brixton. It’s a place full of a vibrant, diverse and creative community, and the artists felt in home while living there for one month. They had the possibility to meet locally talented people and together creating a short video, shot in and around London, capturing the freedom and eye opening perspective, from life on the road. 
One of their other favourite spots in the UK was Isle of Skye, an amazing paradise island north west of the Scottish coast. The red coloured mountains and beautiful waterfalls made it ideal for long peaceful walks to enjoy that incredible landscape. Of course they also ended up living there for much longer time than planned. It’s one of those places that feels like a peaceful hole in time, to rest your mind, to regain strength and energy. 

Sophia’s Bio

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and currently living between Sofia and Berlin.Studied fashion design in Sao Paulo and Lisbon. Working for the luxury market at Harper´s Bazaar and Dawid Tomaszewski Studio and on the field of arts and performance, as a costume designer at Malaposta Theater in Lisbon. Enabled to be the artistic director of Homs Arthaus, creating a valuable concept that start molding art and luxury together creating new forms of understand menswear and lifestyle today.

Frederik Vincent
CEO - Homs Arthaus
Born in Denmark and currently residing between Sofia and Berlin. Work and experience include volunteering at Raligh international in Borneo with projects to protect the rain forest and provide water for remote areas. Studied Music production and Business at Point Blank music college in London and gained a full time position as an arranger at Creative Blue music production in Berlin. Since 2016 full time employed at Homs Arthaus taking on the role of business development and manufacturing.