Incubus by Mitch ar Brezounek

Jun 1, 2017 - Jun 14, 2017



There is no word in Latin that recreates the meaning of a "nightmare," but there is the term "incubus" that we can literally translate as "going to bed".

"Incub" was the word most commonly used in the church language. It means a demon who sexually abused women while they were asleep.

From the church vocabulary, the word gradually goes into medical terminology to mark the nightmare. Survivor also used the word for a type of abdominal pain that gave the feeling of reading someone lying on the belly of the sufferer. People believed that this disease was the work of the devil.

There is faith in female and male demons in Cote d’Ivoire. According to legends, these beings can live in their sacrifices and make them feel insensitive to other people. This superstition is often used to explain the loss of partner interest in a love affair.

Here we want to recreate a vision of the nightmare from the point of view and the world of childhood. Sleep is the only place where one can experience childhood again, contact the past and mix it with the present, where the adult returns to the child where innocence can interact with experience. When the most hidden and indecent desires come to light, then a psychological conflict emerges to give way to nightmares. For Freud, the nightmare is the self-punishment for our best-disguised and indecent desires.
We are all subject to dreams and nightmares, to our desires and feelings, so here we want to offer a personal but also a collective investigation where the traces are repeated and collected through sculpture and drawings.

Mitch ar Brezounek (Anger, France) is based in Plovdiv and Lorient.
In 2015 he graduated at the National Diplomate of Plastic Arts in Beaux Art Academy of Lorient, France. he uses various techniques in his working process such as ceramics, drawing, painting, video installation and animation. From 2013 until 2014 he worked as a gallery assistant at Le Lieu, gallery for contemporary photography in Lorient. He's a member of the art collective Ouest Fisting in Lorient since 2013. The collective is part of the underground graphic culture work on fanzine, silkscreen print, DYE, video and other. They are invited to participate in different graphic art festivals throughout Europe (Crack festival in Roma 2013, International Fanzine Festival 2014, Istanbul, Turkey 2014, Hip hip fanzine festival Sofia, Bulgaria 2015, Vendetta, Marseille 2016). In 2014 Ouest Fisting won the first prize as best fanzine in ''Itineraire Graphique'' of Lorient with Bernhard Willem Holtrop and Muzo in the jury.