Out Of The Box///Instant Magic Series

26 January - 15 February

Out of the Box.jpg

For 2019 we have the wish to open up our platform to more experimental approaches of working and presenting art.
In times of Institutional and curatorial dominance, we feel in need of places, contexts and develop different methods of working, elaborated beyond the already set conventions.
For the first edition of "Instant magic series", the proposition is called "Out of the box".
Æ has invited 8 artists to come together:


Simone Gilges
Marie Civikov
Ivana Nencheva
Kalin Separionov
Aksiniya Peicheva
Natalia Todorova
Radostin Sedevchev
Katharina Swoboda
Svetlana Mircheva

On 26/1/2019, they will bring one work, that has been created, but left apart, ditched in the cellar, hanging in the loo, or simply collecting dust in the corner of the studio. A kind of dead darling, that has emotional attachment to the way it was created and came to its existence, but still has no logical connection to the rest of the artist's elaborated language or body of works.
The exhibition will be build in 15 minutes, witnessed by the public, in a sort of performative quest, when the artists in silence will create the space and the connections between each others work-both intuitively and setting the "Eye Geist" on.
There will be an informal talk with the group towards the end of the event.
We hope to see you there!

The show can be seen until 15 February 2019 at Æther Sofia - Thursday and Friday from 15h.-20h. and by appointment.

Photos: Simone Gilges