Design Krise

Nov 22 – Dec 3

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Design Krise is very happy to have its first presentation and product placement at Æther Sofia.

Design Krise follows Gallery Krise initiated and developed by Thomas Noesler. It has a nomadic nature and engages local artists and communities.Its most exposures happened and were set in Berlin between 2009-2014.

Design Krise is a project which started recently and was inspired by found and collected materials, which people consider as waste and trash and are left on the streets of Sofia.
The presentation will show the outcome of 3 months collecting and making, combined with 2 workshops.

The aim is to make affordable furniture and objects, learn and share skills, use what is already there.
Safe environment.
Bring a sense to personal sentiment in your daily surrounding.

A lot of knowledge I got from various tutorial websites, were other people show, how stuff can be re-used, but the main inspiration comes from the material itself.
Usually the process starts with an idea and then getting the material to realize it. Design Krise starts with the things I find and their potentials.
Form follows foundings.

Most of my skills come from an artistic background, when I was part of the Basso collective. We were running a space, where concerts, performances, exhibitions and parties took place.
The spaces and stages we've builded were mainly done by found materials and left overs.
Final lessons in precision i've got from working at Fjuhl Studio. Mainly working on shoping windows for Falke, Hermes, KDW and others.

The tools are basic, without electricity and are presented in the show as well on disposal to be used.

Open air and living room.

Workshops during the show

#1. "Lemonskin, Coffegroud & Plasticbags"

The workshop will show you how to use everyday life materials in a practical and sometimes quite surprising and easy way.
You might also bring some of your favourite daily trash, so we can figure out together what other ways will be, than just throwing it away.

#2. "The biography of things"
Based on text with the same name by Sergej Tretjakov.
More infos coming soon ...